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Exclusive Serengeti
Des de 2.373 €

Exclusive Serengeti

Paquet de vacances
Creat: dilluns, 2 d’octubre de 2023
Ref ID: 4902201
preu per persona Des de
2.373 €
Basat en 2 adults
Creat: dilluns, 2 d’octubre de 2023

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Day 1: Arusha

Transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Day 2: Serengeti National Park

Breakfast and transfer to the airport to take the PLANE to Serengeti National Park. Our 4x4 vehicle is waiting for us at the airstrip in the heart of the park to start our safari. SERENGETI in Tanzania is the natural extension of the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. There are no borders of both countries in the reserves so they are ignored by the animals in their search for fresh pastures, cross each year between July and October about a million and a half wildebeest, 250,000 zebras and half a million gazelles, followed in short by lions and hyenas pleased with such a concentration of meat. These are the famous Migrations that dispatch one of the most breathtaking spectacles of nature. The Serengeti welcomes us for these two nights in our SERENGETI SAFARI CAMP, In the middle of Seronera, the largest concentration of lions in the world and directly in the path of the great migrations. With private bathroom and shower in each tent. The sense of distance and savannah is the key to the appeal of our camp, where elephant and buffalo may stroll peacefully among the tents at night or a hyena may venture in from the darkness and lie down to listen to the stories told around the camp fire. The tents are spacious, with private bathrooms providing the highest level of privacy and creating a sense of real exclusivity that evokes the Africa of the movies. A hot outdoor shower to unwind from the safari and then the daily ritual to toast the arrival of the campfire before a roast or grilled dinner over the orange light of the charcoal embers. And finally, after an exquisite dinner, we return to what remains of the campfire, silent circles to contemplate or simply enjoy, while others are noisier becoming fun gatherings wet with a gin and tonic to boost the safari stories even juicier. At night the tranquility of the environment is interrupted only by the unusual symphony of roaring lions or the passing of penitent wildebeest on the great migration.
This day we will go through the border formalities to enter Tanzania.

Day 3: Serengeti National Park

We continue in our SERENGETI SAFARI CAMP, in the middle of Seronera, SERENGETI NP. The best safaris, or at least the best chance of witnessing hunting scenes, take place at dawn, when the savannah awakens and the nocturnal animals are still active, and at dusk. We will dedicate these moments to meet the big five: lions, buffaloes, elephants, rhinoceroses and leopards.

Day 4: Serengeti National Park

We continue in our SERENGETI SAFARI CAMP, in the middle of Seronera, SERENGETI NP. In addition to these undisputed protagonists, large herds of herbivores, always alert to the entry into action of a cheetah or a pride of lionesses, are present throughout the year. We will sleep in the middle of one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries on the planet, we will sleep in the "endless plain". Its landscapes correspond to the mythical image of Africa: wide open spaces, deep blue skies dotted with clouds, cool sunrises and fiery sunsets, and at night, a unique display of stars.

Day 5:

Breakfast and transfer to the airstrip to board a light aircraft for Arusha.

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2.373 €
Basat en 2 adults
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